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Sensha-dō (戦車道) is the fictional martial arts of Girls und Panzer


Sensha-dō is a form of martial arts that involves the use of tanks as weapons. This martial art is exclusive for high school and college girls (with a professional league in development) in order to develop their self-esteem as young women, assist in becoming a professional and efficient citizen, and develop the characteristics necessary for motherhood. It involves two opposing school teams, each possessing their own set of tanks, combating in established league matches.

There are two types of matches in sensha-dō, the "wipe-out match" and the "capture the flag" match. The wipe-out match is when one team must eliminate all of its opposing team's tanks in order to win the match. This type of match will favor the team with superior tanks, for it is a battle of attrition. The capture the flag match is when one team must eliminate the opposing team's flag tank in order to win the match. This type of match will give a chance for an unfavorable team to win for they only need to eliminate the opposing team's flag tank, usually by use of superior strategies and tactics despite the odds against them. In sensha-dō competitions, only 10 tanks per team are allowed for first round up to the quarterfinals, 15 tanks per team for the semi-final round and 20 tanks for the final round. The college league and professional league allow at least 30 tanks.


See: Rules of Sensha-dō



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