The Shimada family is one of the two known traditional Sensha-dou family practitioners, the other one being the Nishizumi Family.


The Shimada Family is a traditional family in Sensha-do, their fighting style lies around the sensha-dou style of Chiyo Shimada, the current mistress of the Shimada Family, and the sensha-dou practitioners of the Selection University.


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Fighting Styles

Their style of sensha-do is based on old ninja tactics, an opposite to the Nishizumi's Germanic origin, emphasizing more of the hit and run assassination with their heavier and stronger equipment taking out stronger opponents.


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Family Members

Chiyo Shimada

Chiyo is the current mistress of the Shimada Family. Like her rival Shiho Nishizumi she is a member of the JSF, and like her rival is the chairperson of the High School League, she is the chairperson of College level Sensha-do.

Alice Shimada

The future mistress of the Shimada Family, Alice is a young prodigy, having skipped high school to go straight to the Selection University. A master tactician, Alice is able to command, and have the respect of, her teammates that are much older than her,

Non-family members

Shiho Nishizumi

The Head of the Nishizumi Style, the Steadfast/Heavystrong Tactics, even though she is not a Shimada and their rivalry is revealed in der Film, she refers to Chiyo as (fellow) Master. Although the nature of their relationship is currently unknown, she is a member of the JSF, serving as the chairperson of the High School Sensha-do. Chiyo and Shiho's relationship is important, as they can't have pro leagues for Sensha-do without having high school sensha-do practitioners to start with.

Shimada House Building

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