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Shinzaburo is a minor character in Girls und Panzer. He is a servant for the Isuzu family.


He works for the Isuzu family, his only known duty is to carry the family members and associates with a rickshaw cart. He highly supports of Hana's decisions towards life, even when they go against the family's mistress' will, Yuri Isuzu.


Shinzaburo is a tall, handsome male with short black hair and with dark brown eyes.


Shinzaburo is both a kind and loyal retainer to the Isuzu family. He is especially fond of Hana, even going so far as to argue with her mother, when Hana was disowned. He is also particularly emotional, bursting into tears often and exclaiming loudly during Sensha-dō matches.

He has accompanied Yuri as spectators to Ooarai Girls High School Sensha-dō matches, always cheering for them, with Yuri acting with deniability.

He is very formal, referring to both Hana and Yuri ladies.

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