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Shizuka Tsuruki is the main protagonist of the spin-off manga Girls und Panzer: Ribbon Warrior.


Shizuka is a student attending Tatenashi High School, and operates a Type 97 Te-Ke light tank as its Commander, Gunner and Loader.


Shizuka is a girl with brown eyes and short, black hair tied by her signature massive red ribbon tied into a bow.


A girl who comes from an affluent family with ties to the Takeda clan, Shizuka is a girl often described as an elegant and refined beauty, known and referred to as Tatanashi High School's "Princess". However, she has an archaic way of speaking, and carries herself with the mannerisms and beliefs of ancient warriors of old. Shizuka revels in the feel of battle, and of engaging in heated combat against worthy enemies. She also tends to collect and use various paraphernalia related to ancient Japanese warrior culture, such as pencil boxes in the shape of namakubi (shrunken severed heads) and swords.

Normally seen as a taciturn girl, Shizuka hardly speaks while in battle, preferring to issue commands to her driver Rin Matsukaze using feet commands. She is a skilled yet ruthless tank commander, and has no issue with using the most pragmatic methods of fighting, including using spectators to throw off her enemies.


As a reflection of her samurai heritage, Shizuka is a skilled practitioner of the Japanese martial arts of kyudo and yabusame. She was the top member of Tatanashi's kyudo club but quit to focus on tankathlon. She has adapted her abilities to tankathlon, using a bow during matches and her feet to direct Rin in the same manner as a horse.


  • The personal markings on the Type-97 Te-Ke - the 4-part diamond and the centipede - are crests associated with the Takeda Clan, from whom Shizuka mentions her family is descended from.


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