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"Two T-70 light tanks! It was a famous light tank that played a major role in the Soviet main armored forces. A troublesome opponent indeed especially with this long-barreled 45mm turret-mounted VT-42 gun which could eat up even medium tanks at its worst."
―Rin & Alisa about the T-70

The T-70 was a Russian light tank designed to replace both the T-60 scout tank and T-50 infantry tank.


The first batch of T-70s were built with a GAZ-202 automotive engine on each side of the hull, one driving each track. This arrangement was seen to be a serious problem, even before the first tanks were issued. It was quickly redesigned as the T-70M (although it continued to be referred to as just T-70), with the engines in-line on the right side of the tank and a normal transmission and differential. The conical turret was replaced by one more easily welded out of plate armour, and moved to the left side of the hull.

T-70s were put into production in March 1942 at Zavod No. 37, and along with T-60 production at GAZ and Zavod No. 38 until they completely replaced T-60 production iin September 1942, in April 1942, the conical turrets on early-production machines were replaced with new welded turrets. Their production ended in October 1943.

By 1942 light tanks were considered inadequate. Unable to keep up with T-34s, their one-man turret made them unsuitable for coordinating tank platoons. By November 1943 they were replaced by T-34/76, T-34/85 variants and an influx of lend-lease tanks, even though they were produced by small factories unable to produce component for medium and heavy tanks and remained in service until 1948.

Some T-70s performed well during the war. On July 6 1943 a T-70 of the 49th Guards tank brigade destroyed 4 medium tanks (including a Panther) near Pokrovka village, and on March 26 1944 a T-70 of the 3rd Guards Tank army blocked a column of 18 panzers by destroying one Panther and immobilizing another one.

In Girls Und Panzer

Ribbon Warrior

The T-70 made an appearance in Ribbon Warrior during the Tankathlon match confronting Bonple High School and Katyusha Volunteeer's Army. The combat begins with sixteen T-70 under the command of Nina. After they disposed of two 7TP, one was taken out by a camouflaged TKS, which was put out of commission by Nina. After Bonple manage to lure and trap T-70s in the forest two were destroyed by ambushed 7TP and one got bogged down in the mud, unfortunately KVA recovered quickly as Nina disposed of the ambushed 7TP and encircle the rest.

So far with the twelve remaining tanks of Nina KVA have twenty-eight tanks of the field against one TKS and five 7TP. By performing their pincer movement Alina's echelon dispose of Uszka and the remaining TKS but failed to notice the four camouflaged 7TP, Jajka and her three remaining tanks rushed to the flag tank. Despite their best efforts the T-70 were unable to stop Jajka's charge and the flag tank was destroyed.



  • According to Alisa KVA's T-70 were equipped with 45mm VT-42 L/66 gun.
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