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"Look! It was Bonple's TKS Tankette!"
―Random Spectator after a TKS neutralized KVA's T-70

The TK (Polish Tankietka, tankette) was a Polish tankette developed prior to WWII.


The TK (also known as the TK-3) tankette was a Polish design produced from 1931 based on the chassis of the British Carden Loyd tankette, with an improved hull and more powerful engine, and armour up to 8 mm thick (10 mm on the TKS). In 1939, up-arming of the tankettes with Nkm wz.38 FK 20 mm machine guns began, but only 24 of these were completed before the outbreak of World War II.

The 575 TK/TKS tankettes formed the bulk of the Polish armoured forces before the outbreak of war. They suffered heavy losses during the Invasion of Poland, often being the only armoured fighting vehicles available. Due to their light armament of a single machine gun, they stood no chance in combat against German tanks, except against the Panzer I, but their small size suited them for reconnaissance and infantry support. Only the handful of tankettes armed with 20 mm guns were effective against enemy tanks.

After the conquest of Poland, captured tankettes were used by the German army (under the name PzKpfw TKS(p)) in various support roles, mostly for training, security duties or as artillery tractors. Many captured tankettes were also used by the Luftwaffe for airfield security and snowplowing. Six TK tankettes sold to Estonia in 1934 were captured and used by Red Army when Soviet Union occupied Estonia in 1940. Some were later sold to the military of the puppet state of Croatia.

In Girls und Panzer

Ribbon Warrior

A TKS from an unknown school is seen in Chapter 2 fighting with a Panzer II while an other is out of commission.

In Chapter 10 & 11 Bonple fielded two TKS 20mm against Pravda in a Tankathlon match. One will camouflage in the snow and take out a T-70, but its victory was short-lived as the same tankette will be shot down by Nina's T-70. The second one will be with Uszka to buy some time to Jajka for her to destroy KVA flag tank and will be shot down by a T-70.

Gekkan Senshado Magazine

Bonple High School owns at least two TKS 20mm FK-A and fielded them during the match against Pravda Girls High School.


  • On September 18th 1939 a 20 mm gunned TKS destroyed three German Panzerkampfwagen 35(t) tanks.


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