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Taeko Kondou (近藤 妙子, Kondou Taeko) is the radio operator of the Duck Team and one of the supporting protagonists of Girls und Panzer.


Taeko is a first year student from Ooarai Girls High School. She's also a member of the volleyball varsity team and her specialty is jump serving. She's also the radio operator of the Duck Team.


Taeko is a tall and well endowed girl with a medium pink-ish brown hair and a pair of brown eyes. She wears the school's Volleyball uniform (#3) and also wears a red bandanna on her head.


Taeko seems to be the most sociable of her teammates, even if she appears rather quiet and possibly introverted. She has a gentle, friendly demeanor, and never seems to lose her temper, even in desperate situations.


  • Her favorite flower is White Clover and her favorite tank are all types of U.S. M4 Sherman tank.
  • Given the nickname "Large Duck" by Fukuda most likely due to her large hips.
  • Taeko has a younger brother.


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