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Tankathlon Pravda Team : Katyusha's Volunteer Army

Kanji name


Tankathlon is the fictional martial arts of the spin-off manga Girls Und Panzer: Ribbon Warrior (ガールズ&パンツァー リボンの武者, Girls Und Panzer: Ribbon no Musha).


Tankathlon is an unofficial form of martial arts, like senshado it uses tanks as weapons, however it lacks Japan Senshado Federation's (JSF) regulations and approval rules, traditionalism and values of it, which makes it marginalized among senshado practitioners and seniors. It involves two opposing teams, each possessing their own set of tanks, combating in Flag Battle matches, the only type of match known for now.

Many school carriers senshado teams are adopting tankathlon for various reasons, which are: lack of a big arsenal, practicing matches, different in-battle challenges, interest in this type of setting.


As tankathlon is unconsidered by the JSF, it has its Tankathlon Committee, they are responsible to set the opponents, the matches' date, place and any other matter involving the event, however, unlike JSF they will not cover the costs for repairing the damages caused to structures or viewers and others conditions included in Senshado Competition Regulations.

For now, there is only one known rule, where the tanks' weight must be below 10 tons, limiting the battle for light tanks only, also known as tankettes.

The lack of rules allows the matches to unofficially happen anywhere, both in rural settings, where viewers can stay in the middle of the battlefield watching if they want and in urban areas, where the citizens/viewers are in the middle of the match. It is the total responsibility of the viewers to ensure their own safety against being hit by a tank or shells.

Tank Shops

Tank shops only sell products sanctioned by the Senshado Federation, when Rin and Shizuka go to buy some equipment so they can upgrade the Type 97, Rin doesn't find anything related to tankathlon. However, Shizuka demands for the shop owner to provide tankathlon materials and supplements, he then leads them to the basement of the shop with a huge area dedicated to tankathlon. The shop owner also explains the JSF is being annoying regarding tankathlon materials lately, implying that the JSF heavily regulates the materials and equipment used in Sensha-do as a whole.


These are the schools currently participating in tankathlon matches or competitions, the name of their tankathlon teams, as the schools can't use their names, the tanks and prominent characters:

Tatenashi High School:

Rin wanted to do senshado, but Tatenashi High School doesn't have a senshado club. Rin convinces Shizuka, she reveals that she has a tankette in her family inventory, as it is a single light tank, they decide to partake into tankathlon.

  • Team Name: Centipede Team
  • Leader and Commander: Shizuka Tsuruki
  • Driver: Rin Matsukaze
  • Vehicles: Type 97 Te-Ke (Team composed of only one tank)

Ooarai Girls High School:

  • Team Name: Unknown.
  • Leader: Possibly Miho (as the Anglerfish Team was watching the match at a high point making comments and the informal winning prize for Centipede Team against the Duck team would be a meeting with Anglerfish, which they respect and Rin idolizes)
  • Commander: Noriko Isobe
  • Vehicles: Type 89B I-Go Otsu (without rear sledge to match 10 tons rule) (Duck Team)

Anzio Girls High School:

Saunders Girls High School:

They joined because the lack of rules caught Kay's attention.

Pravda Girls High School:

They decided to join tankathlon after Darjeeling made a call to Katyusha talking about it.

  • Team Name: Katyusha's Volunteer Team.
  • Leader: Katyusha & Nonna (they don't participate in the battle)
  • Commander: Nina
  • Co-commander: Alina
  • Vehicles: T-70

Bonple High School:

BC Freedom High School:

Tategoto High School:

They decided to join tankathlon to earn funds for Senshado after getting separated from St. Gloriana.

  • Team Name: Unknown
  • Leader & Commander: Aung
  • Vehicles: Type 95 Ha-Go

Kuromorimine Girls High School:

Like Pravda they decided to join tankathlon after Darjeeling made a call to Maho talking about it.



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