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"This team is seriously terrible."
Shizuka Tsuruki, watching a Tategoto training match

Tategoto High School is a Burmese/Myanmar-themed school in Girls und Panzer Ribbon Warrior.


Little is known about it's past except that the school may have been under St. Gloriana's guidance since Aung mentioned they manage to gain their independence from them and that permit them to resume Sensha-dou.

But gaining it's independence has it's drawbacks since they have no funds and all tanks they have are only other schools' unwanted leftovers. Aung and the rest of the team tried to earn funds through Tankathlon matches but were disillusioned and discouraged when they were decimated by Bonple.

They appears to make money by selling Thanaka cosmetics in powder or in paste form.

Their membership seem to lack experience: during a training match, two tanks became bogged down in the mud, one crashed into a tree and the fourth was unable to hit a target at medium-close range.

They currently are able to field 10x Type 95 Ha-Go tanks.

Ribbon Warrior

The school makes it's first appearance in the 8th Chapter of Ribbon Warrior where their team in partnership with Anzio are annihilated by Bonple. They made a later appearance in Chapter 13 when they team-up with Centipede Team in a fight against Anzio.


Tategoto High School has only one character of note.


She's is the overall commander of the newly restored Tategoto High School Senshado Team. She appears in all occurrences of Tategoto High in the Ribbon Warrior Manga.

Vehicles operated



  • Their emblem is a Saung a traditionnal Burmese/Myanma instrument. Additionnaly Tategoto (竪琴) means Harp in Japanese.
  • The school gained their independence from St. Gloriana, just like Burmese Independence Army (BIA) who cuts the bridges with the United Kingdom in December 1941 to fight them alongside the Japanese Empire to gain their independence.
  • All their members seems to wear Thanaka on their face which is a traditional cosmetic widely use in Burma/Myanmar.
  • The name of the commander is a reference to Aung San a Burmese revolutionary who created The Thirty Comrades an embryo of the futur BIA.
  • Tategoto's emblem looks like the Burmese Independence Army's flag with a Harp instead of a peacock in the center.


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