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"There are rules about the engine, but none said anything about the motor."

Tsuchiya (ツチヤ) is the driver of the Leopon Team and one of the supporting protagonists of Girls und Panzer.


Tsuchiya is a second year student from Ooarai Girls High School. She is a member of the Automotive Club, as well as the driver for the Leopon Team.


Tsuchiya is a girl with a short red brown hair and a pair of black eyes.


  • Her favorite flower is Plum and her favorite tank is the Japanese Type 10.
  • Her name is based on Keiichi Tsuchiya, also known as the "Drift King", as she wants to make their tank drift, and based on Baka and Test: Summon the Beast character, Kouta Tsuchiya known for perverted and good at Health And Physic Education, as she may good at Sport.


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