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    Soundtrack List

    April 17, 2015 by BleedingUranium

    This is going to be an ongoing project, but it should be much faster than the K-ON! one I did, mainly due to episode count. I'm making a list of where every soundtrack song plays in every episode. :)

    Ep 1: I'll Take Up Sensha-dou!
    Sensha-dou Koushinkyoku! Panzer Vor! - The convoy moves out
    Kinpaku Suru Senkyou Desu! - The British tanks engage
    Konna Futsuu No Gakuen Seikatsutte Suteki Desu! - Our clumsy protagonist heads to school
    Minna Saikou No Tomodachi Desu! - Saori and Hana introduce themselves
    Atarashii Asa No Hajimari Desu! - The three friends converse in class
    Oubou Wa Seito-kai Ni Ataerareta Seitou Na Kenri Desu! - The student council arrives
    Watashi, Kimemasu! - Miho discusses sensha-dou in the infirmary
    Oubou Wa Seito-kai Ni Ataerareta S…

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