Hello, Im Bravo. Im kind of new guy in here, but there is something I want to tell :

At this time, the wikia is seems to less attractive than before (I think the most obvious reason is there are no updated information other than GuP Movie is coming soon).

And there are only some active users who help editing this wiki.

I think we should improve this wiki to make this wiki fun to read again.

But we need effort from many users to make it happen :

-Fixing wrong words & sentences (to be honest, Im not very good with this one).

-Making information as detailed as possible, without lengthy explanation.

-Creating new Parent Tab Templates (For Image Galleries & Information) on any pages you can fit.

-Adding Tab View & Tabber in Parent Tab Page for some images.

-Adding proper categories.

-Giving Trivia if you can find some.

-Improving our Main Homepage & Navigation.

-Creating pages that should be available to read and fill them as detail as possible (Light Novels, Manga, Spin-Offs, Anime, Movie, etc.)

-Arranging each pages to be more aligned & symmetric.

-Improving the Wiki Theme (if needed)

That is all I can say. Sorry for my bad english language.