Hi everyone,

I tried to figure out a Timeline for the GuP universe. Tell me want do you think.


I propose that this blog post be exported to a dedicated page once everything is sorted out here. We should all be applying links whenever applicable. On this vein, I would like to personally commend Fox357Magnum for his initiative in establishing a timeline for the GuPverse.

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  • 1920s: Episode 7 (Hana mention the Ooarai's Senshado club being active since the 20s)
  • 20 Years before: Episode 7 (Hana mention the Ooarai's Senshado being dropped down)
  • Around 10 Years before: GuP: Der Film (Miho & Maho flashback)
  • 6 Years before: Little Army
  • Between 2 and 1 Year before: Phase Erica
  • 1 Year before: Episode 7 (Miho's flashback)
  • 6 Months before: Fierce Fight, It's Maginot Battle C4 & 4.25

Anime Storyline


  • Emi Nakasuga transfers to Bellwall Academy .
  • Centipede Team is formed, with Shizuka Tsuruki and Rin Matsukaze as it's founders.
  • Kawashiba Sisters begin financing Bellwall Academy's Sensha-dō Team.
  • Bellwall Academy now led by Emi Nakasuga (Commander) and Hitomi Yuzumoto (Vice Commander)
  • OVA 6
  • MLLSD C07 & 07.5 - It's the Ooarai Girls Countermeasure Meeting!
  • Drama CD5 02 - Klara's Secret (as in this drama Klara is transfered in Pravda and Katyusha isn't aware yet that she speaks Japanese)
  • MLLSD (Web Edition) "Chi-Hatan Arrives on Scene!" (just before the compound match)
  • GuP: Der Film
    • MLLSD (Web Edition) "Altogether Now!" (just before arriving at the match against University)
  • MLLSD (Web Edition) "That Kid"
  • Film OVA
    • MLLSD C33 - The Rivals are a Treasure! (happens before Alice quits Ooarai's Schoolship)
  • MLLSD (Web Edition) "Moe Sleeves" (after Pravda return to their school)
  • MLLSD (Web Edition) "Professional League"
  • MLLSD (Web Edition) "The Person Inside" (after Boko Museum reoverture)
  • MLLSD (Web Edition) "New Merchandise!"
  • Drama CD5 05 - I'm Gonna Be Boco! (Miho assume the role of Boko after the original actor get hurt)
  • Drama CD5 06 - The Great Learn-More-About-Commander-Arisu Operation!
  • Drama CD5 03 - Summer Vacation for Continuation! (in this drama it hinted that Mika, Aki & Mikko are stuck on a deserted island after their boat broke down)
    • MLLSD C35 - It's Midnight Mika!
    • MLLSD (Web Edition) "Fishing"
  • Sheska transfers to Kuromorimine.
  • Maho Nishizumi steps down as commander of Kuromorimine.
  • Erika Itsumi becomes the new commander of Kuromorimine.
  • Commemorative Cup held at Ooarai.
    • Gilbert Academy loses to Bellwall.
    • Bellwall loses against Kuromorimine.
    • Ooarai loses aganst Jatkosota.
    • Turtle team Student Council steps down. New Student Coucil instated.
    • Pravda loses against Saunders.
    • Ooarai wins the consolation match against Bellwall Academy.

Unknown placement

  • Ribbon Warrior
  • Motto Love Love Sakusen Desu (some are contains some intels to place them precisely)

Unknown placement with distinctable dates