• Hauptman

    Well, as some of you might have noticed, or may not have, today marks a very special day as was on this day a little 5 years ago that a little unknown show began airing in Japan.

    Now, as for myself, I didn't get to watch this show until early December and even then I was rather skeptical about it as I felt that the entire idea behind it was simply put, stupid. I have a long-lasting interest in tanks and other armored vehicles of WWII which started in the summer of 1998 and I'm also an avid miniature wargamer since 2000 when I stumbled, purely by accident into Warhammer 40K. A few years later I stumbled, also by accident, into a little game called Flames of War.

    The great thing about that game and the community was that the designers would update their w…

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  • Hauptman

    Oh yes, I got home today and guess what was waiting for me, a huge box and in it was the figma panzer IV ausf. D. Damn this thing is huge you won't believe it until you get to see it face to... well... ehm... hull.

    This is so exciting, been waiting so long for this beast and now the girls have something lovely to drive around. I can't wait to get this thing painted as it does look a little bland in just monotone grey but given the size of the kit there's just so much space for color modulation and weathering. Tracks do seem to require some thinking in how to remove them but seems to be doable.

    The girls now have something nice to sit in. Panzer Vor!!!

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