Good evening,

First of all, thanks to Baroness West for the task you're doing, when you're done or give up on it (no blame, if it was fun it would have been done long before) we hope you continue conttributing with random edits. The problem is that I'm noticing that some users aren't doing the changes to standardize the place, like changing to Vice-Commander all synonms and to Sensha-dō all synomns as we make any random edit on the page.

About the categories, which is in my opinion another messy library of ours, there are some generic categories like Ooarai Compound Team, it's basically being applied to all high school and high schoolers that appeared on the movie, they only dressed the uniform a few seconds (screen), they under their styles. What is next, apply to the tanks that were part of the team? There is also St. Gloriana - Pravda Compound and another one.

On a more specific matter, about Tank Images and Tanks categories, if we think about texts and files, they sure have different meanings; if we think of only files, they have the same meaning, if we apply Tanks to a picture with a tank, it's understandable what it means. So I was thinking, how about leaving Tank Images to real tank images, artworks, WoT wallpapers and Tanks to the screenshots and scans from the franchise?

About our bot, I'll dig on the possiblities with it, if you people have reasons to have a bot, create a separated account and request to Tycio. What I want to say is: Keep an eye on Recent Changes page, if bots malfunction the user controlling must take action, if I'm not around anwsering to Standardbotarmy tell Tycio to revogue it's rights and fix any mess manually.

About the battle infoboxes, I saw those sheets, would nice if someone scanlated. But for now, how about working on the Compound Matches from the movie as someone (who liked to create a page, add a paragraph and let it go) created the team pages, edit the properly, create the actual matches page or delete all of them for good and leave the matches details for the movie page.

Hope there are no hard feelings. I'll be spamming the Recent Pages if you need me.