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"Tak Jest, Commander Jajka I'll continue!"
―Uszka to Jajka during the match against Tategoto
"Don't let them get Through here!"
―Uszka during her last stand to buy Jajka some time
Uszka (ユーズカ, Yūzuka) is the second-in-command of Bonple High School's Sensha-Do and Tankathlon team.


Uszka is Bonple High School second-in-command. She operates a Polish 7TPjw.


Uszka is a medium sized girl with long dark hair (as she only seen in B&W her hair color is unknown) and a pair of light-colored eyes (same as hairs). She wears her hairs in a long braid. Uszka is always seen wearing the Bonple High School Sensha-do uniform.


Little is known about her personality except that she seems to be as ruthless as Jajka and extremely devoted to her.


Little is known about Uszka except that she seems to be Jajka's second-in-command. She probably take part to the Shensha-do Tournament match against Pravda.

She's seen informing Jajka that Anzio will joins Tankathlon actual season. She later assists with Jajka to the match, that opposed Anzio to Tatenashi High School's Centipede Team. We can assume that she's part of the team that interrupt the match.

She is later seen in a match against Tategoto High School (secretly allied with Anzio) taking out Pepperoni & Carpaccio CV.33. And then she's seen on Bonple's carrier celebrate their incoming revenge against Pravda (under the name of Katuysha's Volunteer's Army).

She's seen in the match against KVA shooting at T-70 to lure them in the forest and her last appearance is when Jajka ask her to buy her some time to lure the main force away from the flag tank, she stands up against many T-70 but she's finally shot down alongside the TKS that was with her. But this diversion permit to Jajka to take down KVA's flag tank.


  • Uszka (little ears in Polish) is a traditionnal meal in Poland (and Ukraine) that consists in small dumplings usually filled with flavoursome wild forest mushrooms and/or minced meat.
  • Uszka's hair clip is in form of Edelweiss flower which is one of the Polish Podhale Rifles Brigade's traditional symbol.


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