Viking Fisheries High School is a Norwegian-themed minor school in Girls und Panzer and on of the schools who participated in the 63ʳᵈ National High School Sensha-dō Tournament.


School culturally focus on equality, hard work, and cleanliness. Strangely the school's students all don't like talking very much, other schools consider VF school students rather odd and borderline mute. VF loves nature, and their school ship deck is covered in a huge forest. There is a huge section on their food choices, but I could only understand that they have salmon as their specialty. Also, the school doesn't charge the students any school fees.

The students are crazy about precision, especially on the issue of time. They plan their battle plans literally down to the second, and they train their tank crews to extreme levels of proficiency. Their battle plans are nut and gos into details on at the exact moment you were supposed to see your enemy, where on the enemy tank you are supposed to target down to the cm. But the problem is their plans simply fall apart in actual battles, and the tank crews don't know what to do when they can't follow their training anymore.

Preferred terrain is mountains and snow fields. At beach battles they prefer surprise attacking from the water, and they have tanks capable of moving across water for this purpose.

They used a mix of tanks from other schools, including the silly NbFz.

Recently they are discussing purchasing some M24 Chaffees.

Vehicles operated



The school is mentioned only in a screen when the tournament's array is revealed, as Koala Forest High School's first opponents. It is said in supplemental material that they defeated them and were defeated by Pravda in quarter-finals.


  • Named after the Vikings a group of seafarers, who raided Northern and Central Europe during the late 8th to late 11th century, coming essentially from the current Norway, Denmark and Sweden. to add their logo represent a horned Viking helmet (although there is no proof that Vikings ever worn them) along with a blue and yellow checkers backdrop.
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