Waffle Academy is a Belgian-themed minor school in Girls und Panzer.


Waffle is a Belgium themed school with an interesting past. Belgium as a nation has limited natural resources thus their economy focus on importing raw materials and sell the valued-added finished products.

The Kansai region formed political bonds with Belgium, on the surface, for no reason than cultural exchange. But in actuality the local government wanted to poach their manufacture technology. Waffle was originally called Belgian industry exchange school. And it was successful in improving the manufacturing skills of the locals. However when the war started, the contact with Belgium broke down and the school shrunk. Senshado thus halted there.

Some members of the school sees that the end is near and refused to give up, so they changed the school's direction to focus on Belgian culinary traditions. This was a hit with Kobe citizens and the school started growing again. The school changed its name to Waffle to reflect that it is no longer about manufacturing. When they start to run out of classroom for new students, they purchased and refurbished an American school ship that was meant to be dismantled.

The increased popularity of the school means they started running into cooking ingredient shortages, and have now started to import food products from Belgium directly. The school just kept upgrading their facilities until they were able to process meats, seafood, and there was even an arts division on the side. As the school expanded, so did the student numbers and Senshado was revived. After much negotiation they got themselves 105mm M4 medium tanks. There seems to be issues with turrets and that they waiting for approval to use them in matches.

The school is hard working and conservative. Have a friendly culinary exchange with Blue Division.

Vehicles operated



The school is mentioned only in a screen when the tournament's array is revealed, as Yogurt Academy's first opponents. It is said in supplemental material that they were defeated.


  • Could be named after the Liege or Brussels Waffle which are a speciality in Belgium.
  • The article on the school in Gekkan Senshado magazine mentions that they have a chassis for an M24 Chaffee. They will still need to acquire a turret before they can field it.
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