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ATTENTION: This article is currently undergoing major renovation, as a result of the new publications released in the Little Army Series. Please refrain from editing, and list any new information you might have in the comments or talk section for now. -TTG

Yusa Chihiro (Kanji: 千尋遊佐 Romanji: Chihiro Yusa) is a high-school student who previously attended an elementary school in Kumamoto City. She is the childhood friend and former classmate of Miho Nishizumi, Emi Nakasuga and Hitomi Yuzumoto.


Little Army

Yusa Chihiro grew up in Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture. As a child, she became friends with Hitomi Yuzumoto at an early age, constantly doing various activities with her. In the 6th grade, she was placed in a class with Miho Nishizumi and Emi Nakasuga.

Little Army Two

Following the events of Little Army, Yusa went her separate way from Miho, Emi and Hitomi, opting to attend a school that focused on sports. During her time in high-school she also became a model as well. In the latter half of the 11th grade, Yusa obtained information that her childhood friends would all be attending the Sensha-do Commemorative Cup in Ooarai, Ibaraki Prefecture. She then traveled to Ooarai by train to meet her old friends again.


Yusa Chihiro spent her childhood in Kumamoto City...

Little Army Two

After arriving in Ooarai to watch the Commemorative Cup, Yusa went to the crew hangers in order to try and find one of her three friends. Since she had arrived late, she had just missed Bellwall Academy as they were leaving on a transport ship to participate in a match against Kuromorimine. As she investigated the hanger designated to Bellwall Academy, she heard a commotion coming from the office section, and immediately noticed that a fallen pipe had prevented the door from opening. Upon Yusa removing the pipe, Emi Nakasuga and Sheska came stumbling out, having been trapped in the office. Yusa immediately recognized Emi, with the latter explaining their prediciment to her, that the match between Kuromorimine and Bellwall was about to start. and that the two of them were supposed to be in attendance. The three made their way to the offshore arena, but were unable to make it there on time.

Yusa and Emi were able to make it to the roof of one of the buildings in the arena. Yusa was able to draw the attention of Emi's Tiger I Tank, temporarily commanded by Hitomi Yuzumoto, by yelling words of encouragement to Hitomi. After Emi boarded the tank, Hitomi spectated the rest of the match, witnessing Bellwall's close loss to Kuromorimine.




  • She is very athletic and talented at sports.
  • She's the most mature member of their team and acts like as the older sister.
  • She is the childhood and best friend of Hitomi Yuzumoto.
  • She was the tomboy in Little Army then she became a Model in Little Army 2.




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